Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Learning from our children...

The one reason I know that my son Chase hates coming home is me picking at his knowledge of Photoshop and the computer. He knows it all~ He is a natural. I know that when he hears the "Chase can you help me with something?" with sweetness all over it, he knows what's coming. It is usually the same questions over and over (short memory from visit to visit) but he amazes me with what he can do with this little monitor and keyboard! (I won't even go into what he can create with music). LOL! Anyways, I am here now trying to create a poster. This is my first attempt. I owe Chase all the credit except for Whitney "allowing" me to take the picture of her on the beach. Thanks Chase, I love you ~ From your pain in the hiney, MOM

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Anonymous said...

haha.... well that's one of the things our kids are good for. my oldest is only 9 but he's not scared of spiders and will gladly remove them from the house for me! well i loved your shop on etsy and i didnt even realize you had a blog! so i'm adding yo to my list as well. i've only found a few christian blogger/etsians myself so its nice to "meet" another!

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