Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Adventure at the Beach...

What a wonderful week I had last week. Because of the fact that Chase, my son, had to attend a wedding in North Carolina, I decided to go to Florida and stay with my daughter Whitney. It just so happened that our house was not rented and I was able to take my Aunt Shirley, Uncle Robert and their two grandchildren Crosby and Karis. What an adventure. Chase was able to take Crosby out on one of his kayak trips before he left town, so Crosby was able to see alligators, manatees and other wild game in the National Forest. He had a great time. Karis caught hermit crabs, fed the seagulls off the balcony, played in the gulf and went swimming in our pool. I was also able to share our local soda fountain with them. I think it is so awesome sitting up on the stools ordering a soda, coke float or banana spilt! Anyways.... I could not let them leave without trying our famous bay oysters! They both tried them and they said they liked them! We all had a great time!!! They are both two incredible young people eager to search the world for adventure! Thanks Whit for letting me steal your collage of pics from your blog!

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I will turn Blessings into Praise!