Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Favorite Things Swap" ready to be mailed....

I am so excited! I am getting everything together for my partner, Dorey, in our "Favorite Things Swap". I have been shopping for weeks, picking up little things here and there that I like and that I think she will like. Dorey has two little boys and it has been so fun thinking back to when Chase was a little boy and what we enjoyed doing. I tried to think of things that made life easier for me in the challenge of searching for Dorey's "favorite things" gifts. For me, giving puts me in this place where I know that God truly wants me to be. And this challenge, giving to someone that I don't know, has even been greater! Getting to know her heart through her blog has been incredible, I think that is how God wants us to know everyone! He wants us to take the time to "ponder" that person, get to know what they like, find out where their heart is and what can we do for them. God wants us to search people out, to love them and to honor them, just like He does us! I thank God everyday for the "Surprise's of Life" that He gives me. I hope Dorey enjoy's hers! A little sneak peek for her to guess at!

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Dan & Dorey said...

ooooh, a little peek! It looks like fun, I am really excited. I just finished your package up today and will be mailing it in the morning. I hope you like it! =)

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