Tuesday, June 17, 2008

THE SUMMER GARDEN TOUR~ Welcome to my Garden.....

Home, Sweet, Home!

The fountain with no water!!!

What a honor and joy to be a part of the Garden Tour being held by the Cottage Industy. Gardening in Georgia has been a challenge this year. We are on water restrictions like we have never been on. Old Nellie has only been washed a couple of times and that was at the carwash that used recycled water (we had to wash her to get rid of the giant dead bugs from our visit to St. George Island). Our grass cries out for water and our shrubs and perennials are just wilting from the heat. Forget about planting the annuals this year, they will die in a matter of days in the record setting temperatures that we are having. What few plants I have planted have been plants that require very little watering. The one good thing is my checkbook looks better from not buying the flowers and not paying for the extra water bill, but I really do miss the green grass and the wonderful color of the flowering shrubs and the annuals in bloom!
Thank you for visiting and please comment here for my first giveaway!
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Anonymous said...

you have a gorgeous house! but i cant talk to you about gardening... i appreciate it so much but thumbs are black not green.

Anonymous said...

Followed the link from The Summer Garden Tour origin and was delighted that I took the time to do so. Beautiful garden (and family) I've marked your blog as a favorite... thanks for sharing it with us all!

Anonymous said...

I love your garden pics! My heart skipped a beat when I noted you are in Georgia. (I understand the no water in the fountain issue completely!) I join you in the faith that is your foundation. Your daughter's blog is wonderful too...Thanks to both of you for opening up your lives (and garden!) to us. ~Jane (jungleibu AT alltel DOT net)

Anonymous said...

Your gardens are wonderful and so peaceful. Just found your blog...love it!


Dolly said...

Ouuu your home and gardens are beautiful!

Thank you for shareing them with us!


P.S. come and tour my cottage gardens!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Beautiful home! Love it and your garden flowers are gorgeous. Please enter me in your drawing.

I'm emailing you back today!


Catrina Black said...

You have a beautiful garden. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful pictures of your garden with us out here in cyberland. I just love the face with the curl plant hair. I was just wondering where you found it? I realize that the face is sepreate from the plant. I live in the desert and we don't have a lot of garden shops that carry garden status. So I am always on the look out for places or website that carry garden items. If you would be so kind as to share my email address is cpatchett2@excite.com and again thank you for being so kind and sharing your garden with us.

maggie said...

I just found your blog and love your pics of your house & garden. Very pretty, indeed!

Lady Dorothy said...

Glad I "found" you through the Summer Garden Tour. I am so enjoying seeing everyone's beautiful yards.

What an abundant giveaway! Please enter me!

Becki said...

I LOVE your garden and your blog. What an inspiration. I will be saving it to come back to time and again.

The Apron Queen said...

What a lovely garden! Stop by my sunflower garden if you'd like.


Normangirl said...

Your home and gardens are beautiful...but not nearly as beautiful as your heart and spirit. I loved your blog.


Michele said...

I just found your blog because of the Garden Tour!!! I've marked you as a favorite blog so I can visit often!!

Your house is stunning!!! It's HUGE, too!! I love your fountain!! Too bad about the water restrictions. I can sympathize with the heat. I live in Northern California, and we're used to mild temperatures. Yesterday it was 103 degrees!! YUCH!!!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to looking at all your garden pics and to getting to know you through your blog!! Congrats on your first giveaway, too! I'd love to be entered!

Thanks so much!


Carrie said...

Your home and garden are beautiful. So sorry that Georgia is having a water shortage. All the best to you and your family.
carenterprises AT comcast DOT net

Dan & Dorey said...

Your home and garden are gorgeous! Home sweet home for sure! =)

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