Sunday, June 8, 2008

Thank you for your Prayers....

What a week............ God has truly sent a blessing my way! I want to thank so many of you for your continued prayers~ I wanted to share my good news to you through my e-mail to my doctors office and a post by my daughter to her blog......

Dear Mary,
I cannot thank you enough for suggesting Dr. McIntrye to me. He has been a complete blessing since I met him and now that he has found out that I have a low thyroid and put me on meds I am in complete awe of him and my Lord! A week before I went to him I was at the beach visiting Whit and Chase, I was sick to the point I was in the bed most of the trip. One night when Whit was praying over dinner she ask God for a healing for me so that we could start doing things together again. After I came home and Dr. Mc's nurse called me and told me what she did I called Whit so excited because I felt like it was an answered prayer. Whit started crying and said that night she went home and wrote a long prayer in her journal about how much she needed a healing for me. I believe God is answering that prayer! Mary, I count your as part of that
blessing. Thank you and God bless you!

Finally - GREAT NEWS!!

The Lord is continuing to heal my mom again.
She went to a new doctor that tested her thyroid and found that she suffers from hypothyroidism which causes heavy weight gain, muscle cramps and frequent muscle aches, fatigue, weakness, tiredness, and swelling.
The doctor put her on medication and her swelling has already gone down.
Hopefully, everything else will be taken care of too and she'll have more energy.
Please keep her in your prayers... as well as the doctor -
that the Lord will give him the knowledge in taking
the best steps so that she can be healthy again.
Our Father is faithful in answering us -
sometimes it takes years, other times it takes just a week.
We're seriously discussing our plans in making
The Charm House into a mother/daughter business -
a little boutique filled with artwork and coffee!
We'll just continue to pray over it and see what happens!

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I will turn Blessings into Praise!