Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Always forgetting my CAMERA....

Are you like me and always missing those perfect KODAK moments??? I always promise myself that I am going to keep my camera with me no matter where I am at!! That includes the bathroom. (I was in a bathroom in Auburn Alabama and they had put tumbled rocks in their sinks and it was sooooooo pretty. I had to come home and do it) Back on point.... Yes, I said I am going to keep my camera attached at the hip (IT IS BIG ENOUGH, IT SHOULDN'T GET LOST~ The camera - NOT MY HIP)!!!!!!

Today I went and visited one of my favorite, creative, best, creative, loving, creative and did I say creative designing friends??? Anyways.... I actually went to see her new beautiful six month old "Morgan baby". Visiting me was her eighteen month old flirty and charming "Little Jack" son! Why didn't I bring the camera just for them???? I think Erin spit the same baby out, they look just alike! After visiting and playing with them, we had to go and see all the NEW DESIGN ELEMENTS of the house~ You see, I have never met anyone with more imagination than Erin, she is incredible! She can take a stick and make something with it! I am serious, that's what she did. If I only had a camera I could have shown YOU! Well.. I am going to get my camera, go back and take pictures of those sticks and just show you what Erin can do! She is so amazing!
REMEMBER~ Don't forget that camera and
POST, POST, POST or is that BLOG, BLOG, BLOG....


paintinpatti said...

Hi Yvette,
Thank you for visiting this afternoon! Yep - the heat has got to my tomaters! I have one small green round thing, barely surviving. Lucky for me, I can plant again in October and have a winter garden when the weather is cooler. I love your "Don't forget the camera" posting. Very cute picture, too. Hey - take some pics of your balcony garden!

RR Mama said...

I am always forgetting my camera. I even leave it by keys on the counter and I still forget it.

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