Friday, July 11, 2008

The Blessing of a 5 Year old YOUNG MAN...

As my morning slowly starts.... I am brushing my teeth. I had loaded my toothbrush with way too much expensive Colgate PreviDent 5000 Booster Toothpaste. (Recommended by my loving neighbor next door, who is also my dental hygienist because of my dry mouth syndrome causing CAVITIES, causing EXTREME PAIN by dentist who is so loving by not causing too much pain) Doing this causes my toothbrush, hand and mouth to be covered in extreme amounts of ........ well you know the stuff, toothpaste ooze........ Being totally covered, in a mess, and in la-la land the water stops!!!! I look up at the mirror, see the mess I am in, hit the spigot (like that is going to make a difference) and just stare into the mirror! What a mess to start the day off with! I look over and have just a little bit of bottled water. I carefully pour what I have over my hand, forget the toothbrush and mouth. The hand is still a little sticky, but it will have to do.

I wonder if we are the only ones in the neighborhood without water, knowing we just had an irrigation system put into the lake and one taken out of the county water system. I walk outside into the neighborhood and walking outside into our neighborhood at 9:00 is like a meet and greet! Everyone is out! Come to find out, I am not the only one out!

Now to my BLESSING~ Caleb! Caleb is my little young man friend across the street. I use the term young man endearingly. He is more of a young man at the age of 5 than most men are at the age of 25! As I came outside, He yelled across the street, "Ms. E, Your paper is at the end of the driveway!" I walked on up and as I did I talked to him about his new skateboard and also asked him if they had water. He said he didn't know he would go and check and he would also check to see if they had electricity (our neighborhood is also known for losing its electricity often). As he was running up the driveway he told me, remember he is only the gentle age of 5, that he had some water bottles and he could get me some water in them for me! Such a sweet spirit! Anyways...... to make a long story very short, I cross the street to his house, he comes running out and informs me that they have no water but they do have electricity and then he spots a twelve pack of SAM's water. He reaches down for it, picks it up and hands it to me and says, "This should help!" I just about cried! Such a small child with such a large heart! His mother told me to take it, Caleb wanted to do that for me! What a blessing! What a joy! I sit here crying now............. How can we convince all parents, if they will pray for their children, stay in God's will ~ They too will have a chance to raise Godly children like Caleb! A GIVING HEART, it is so nice to see that in a world today! Thank you Caleb~ Thank you Ginger and Daniel!

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