Friday, July 25, 2008

God showing off at St. George Island just for me...

I did it and WOW (as my daddy says) did God show up this morning! I pulled out of the drive this morning around 6:00 (hoping to catch the sunrise as I rode my bike) headed down the East end of the bike path. This is the first time I have taken this route because I like to go with the wind in my face to make it easier on the way back. (Yes, I am a wimp) Anyways...... I didn't want to miss any of the sunrise, so, I went on my merry way and kept going until it ended and then turned right and went up the beach access road passing my house, thinking in my head that I am a little crazy but heck, my sister says that about me all the time and yesterday she did tell my kids I did go overboard on things, so go for it. So I passed the house and then I kept passing the little side streets and then I seen it~ THE LIGHTHOUSE! God was once again seeking me out! He was calling to me! So I went~ All the way to it!! YEAH!!! And then I journeyed home, somehow once again with a light wind in my face.................. But then, almost home~ In all of God's Glory, There it was, HIS GIFT TO ME FOR BEING SO OBEDIENT TO HIM ~ Exactly what my heart desired on this St. George trip ............. A Beautiful Sunrise... Of course a tear or two were shead. But it was the biggest, orangest sun that I have ever seen! And no camera! No sister, no niece, Just me, God and that big 'ol Sunrise, The one that I wanted in my blog!

You know God never lets us down, He always shows up! I thank HIM so much for reminding me of that this morning. Sometimes we just need to be in HIS presence alone with HIM and just wait for that moment for HIM to show up in HIS glory to remind us that HE is still with us and still has HIS arms totally wrapped around us.

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I will turn Blessings into Praise!