Sunday, July 13, 2008

I come home from Church today and as always, I feel so blessed........ but I miss my children really bad today for some reason! Those of you that follow my blog know that my baby, young adults are working their college summer on The Forgotten Coast in Florida as kayak guides. Yes, they are having an incredible time, but I miss them...... Wonderful, loving hubby and I are driving down with my luvy sis, her adorable hubby and wonderful daughter next Saturday to spend the week with them. I can't wait. I plan to rent a bike (hold me to it Whit and Chase) and ride the bike paths with them for exercise. I might venture the bay (not the swamps with the gators) in a kayak (I said might kids). And I want Chase to teach me how to cast a net and oyster! Anyways... the week will hold new adventures for me hopefully and hopefully it holds true ~ Once you learn to ride a bike ~ You can always hop back on and do it again! YIKES I hope I make it back to Georgia in one piece!
I guess this all gets back to our Sunday School lesson.... Brother Pat spoke about having someone to be accountable to ~ I guess that everyone that reads this will have to keep me accountable to everything that I want to attempt to learn!!! That is even a bigger YIKES!!! Hmmm.... I think I like this accountability thing and I am going to make a list and add a few things to it!
While I am at at the Beach I am going to ~
1. Rent a bike and ride on the bike path for exercise while I am at the beach!
2. Learn to cast a net!
3. Learn to oyster!
4. Maybe and I said maybe and I will say maybe again sit in a kayak in the bay without the threat of a gator or a shark.
5. Watch a beautiful Sunset and Thank God for it!
6. Watch a beautiful Sunrise and Thank God for it!
7. Go to Little St. George (I have always wanted to do this)!!!!!

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