Friday, July 18, 2008

Landscape art class with PreSchoolers!

Children may have a short attention span but at this age they can learn so much and they are so CREATIVE! Today I shared my God given talent with my two little neighbors. They are starting with a light blue canvas that represents the sky. Today they are painting the grass and we are gluing on a sun that is made from a round sheet of paper which has their name all over it in different fonts~ I am adding a little of my mixed media in for fun. At the next lesson we will be painting the sun a pale yellow (just enough to allow the names to show through) and putting in a tree trunk. I think that is about all their attention span can handle. After that we will play for a little bit! Children are so awesome and as adults they can also teach us so much!

I was reminded today not to question my actions when I have put thought into them. Two days ago I purchased the weirdest color ribbon. When I got home, I wondered why in the world I had purchased it. This morning as Brooke was picking her colors for her plaque, my mind was thinking~ Oh, my goodness, what a mess with these unusual colors!!! Then she had to pick her ribbons to hang her plaque by............ As she selected them, she picked that peculiar red and orange ribbon and it pulled the whole plaque together! I looked at her and wondered, "IS SHE THIS GOOD?" Anyways.......... Forgive me God, You know what you are doing once again and as always!

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Susie Harris said...

What a great job they did! Susie h~

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