Monday, July 21, 2008

St. George Island Vacation Day One...

The first thing to do was feed the birds, they had to be hungry...

We giggled the whole time....

The Church the Chase and Whit attends on the Island...

The Choir Director ~ Dusty Turner, Whitney, Chase and the Minister ~ Themo Patriotis

The Owl Cafe ~
Make sure to request the upstairs ~
Wonderful Sunday Brunch!

I could not resist taking a picture...
Eggs Benedict with Crabcakes and Beef Tenderloin!
Oh my Goodness!!
Thanks Russ for suggesting Brunch here!
Papa Joe's ~ The surroundings of the restaurant are awesome once you walk inside you are somewhat a little let down, but the food is incredible! And you get so much of it!! A little work on the restaurant and they would have an amazing establishment! They have an amazing view of the bay, it is just hard to see through the windows they have...

Whitney, Lauren and Chase

Yeah! We are on the Island! I accomplished my first task heart's desire by riding my bike on the bike path. Lauren (my niece) had turned around and I said, "Hey, Let's go further!"
We have ate at two of the best restaurants. Papa's Joe's and Owl Cafe for Brunch. Today Reid and I attended Church (a Methodist, it was so great) with Chase and Whitney. We feel so blessed the Church has taken them in so lovingly and warmly this summer while them are working at Jeanni's Journey's. It is so awesome to know that you can have your kids go miles from home and God's people will be there to take care of them!
I have another awesome story to share with you~ but it deserves its own blog for another day!

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