Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Recycled Weed Vase...

The front of my Weed Vase! See the beautiful vintage music surrounding the jar!The back of my jar with my signature "E" on it! The side of my weed vase with the rusted top!
Have you ever wondered what to do with your glass olive, caper and other beautiful tall jars?
You just couldn't bare throwing them away?
Well, here you are! Make yourself a beautiful weed vase. I got this idea from two of my fellow bloggers ~ The Feathered Nest and The Thrifty Decor Chick. Both had used bottles in different ways to decorate and with my husband and I collecting wood weed vases I thought this would fit in fine with our collection!
It was really easy, just lot of time drying! You start with a clean bottle and apply any paper that you want with your matte medium. Don't worry about getting it all over the bottle, the matte medium makes the bottle look antique when it dries. After this completely dries, decide how you want to embellish it. I embellished mine with a piece of burlap which was glued down with matte medium also. This also took a while to dry. I then hot glued my dried cedar and feathers. I took a watch face, wiring and beads and altered a watch face to my liking. I then hot glued that to the front. I filled in with cedar until I was HAPPY!!! I then took the top which I had earlier applied a rusting solution (purchased at any hobby store) to. This usually takes overnight. I then drilled two holes with my dremel close together. On the inside of the top, I cut a piece of paper to embellish the top. After running my wire through and connecting it to the jar I was able to embellish the inside of the top adding my E, which is the initial for Yvette. LOL To complete my piece I added the metal word, wiring and beads to the top of the jar! A very fun project. I want to do two more to make a set of three!!!


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The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Yvette, you KNOW I love this!!! The weed vase is WONDERFUL!! It would work to hold pens on a desk as well. I've been saving all kinds of weird things and thinking of ways to recycle them into artwork....you're a girl after my own heart! xxoo, Dawn

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