Saturday, November 15, 2008

Baby, It Snowed Outside.....

And we live in Georgia.... It's all because of the sweetness of my husband!!!
After living here for a number of years, we know the footsteps of each and every little snowman.
But... every year a couple of them seem to want to switch places with each other or cause a little havoc!
This year I added the SNOW banner for a little added interest!
The question today~
What do you do with an
2 X 4'S?
Find out tomorrow.....


RR Mama said...

Love the SNOW banner. I like snowflakes. I have a snowflake theme in the house for Christmas. Thank you very much for the tiles to give away. I especially love the necklace. You are one talented woman. Hubs didn't believe me when I said it was a domino.

kathy said...

oh your snowmen are wonderful
, i love it -- i love your kitchen mantel - just the place every good snowman should reside . can't wait to see the board idea -
kathy - ga

lmerie said...

Love it! The snowmen are great!
I just noticed your location, is that above/or in Schley County or is that further up, west of Athens? I am in Albany :) Howdy neighbor!

Jules said...

I love love love the snow banner and all the snowmen.I have a whole snowman village taht appears here round christmas time.Which heere in Aus is high summer but tell taht to the weatherman here yet almost summer and we had snow up the mountains lol so snowmen arent so silly after all !

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