Sunday, November 23, 2008

Meredith's and Emma's Baby Shower...

What a wonderful Saturday morning to have a baby shower! Meredith looked wonderful today as we celebrated the upcoming birth of her baby girl, Emma! After this shower, I can tell you, little Emma is going to be the best dressed little girl in Good Hope, Georgia! We had the best time, but when our family and friends get together we alway do. The only complaint came from Grandma Moon (who will be little Emma's Great-Great Grandma) who said that she thought this was going to be an ol' timey baby shower. My reply was, "Grandma, it is an ol' timey baby shower, we are going to be playing games in a little while." She said that it wasn't because we were not passing all the presents around so that she could feel the gifts. Everyone busted out laughing!!! She is so cute and funny. We love Grandma Moon!!! I hope you enjoy the pictures and in the process, maybe you will get a few ideas for your next party.Meredith, Sonya (Meredith's Mother-In-Love) Me, Lauren (Meredith's Sister-In-Love)
Whitney (My daughter and Meredith's husbands cousin), Granda Moon, My Mom and Meredith's Grandma -In-Love~ One Big Happy FamilyWhitney, Meredith and Jackie (my son Chase's girlfriend)Chase my son drops in for a visit!Meredith and YvetteThe Emma Banner

Some of the Gifts!
Hugs given out at the end of the Shower!

Meredith and Daniel hanging on the Rag Garland!
Whitney's baby doll!
The Cute Game- Everyone wore a tag around their neck that held a picture of a baby held with a clothespin. If you were caught saying "cute", your baby with the clothespin was stolen. The person with the most babies at the end of the shower won a special prize.Mommy Memory~ This game was played first. Meredith left the room and everyone was given this sheet of paper to fill out. Meredith tricked everyone by only wearing one earring. Points are given out for different things for each question.
Word Search game!!!
We played one other game ~ The Price is Right! We purchased 10 items from Walmart and everyone had to guess the prices of the items. At the end everyone had to guess the total of the bill. Small prizes were given out for each item and a big prize was given out at the end. This game was a blast!


RR Mama said...

The decorations looked amazing. It also looked like everyone had a great time. Did she love the banner you made for Emma? It looks as if it turned out wonderful. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I am so ready for Turkey day! Bring on the dressing and sweet potatoes.

Flea Market Queen said...

Looks fabulous...
What a fun shower!
There's nothing better than babies!
Happy Thanksgiving...

Jean Tuthill said...

The shower looks like fun. The decorations are so cute. I love Emma's doll, so pretty. I also like the banner. Thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving!

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Yvette!! The shower looks like it turned out WONDERFUL!!! Everything is so beautiful ~ and the mommy-to-be is such a pretty girl too! It's wonderful to see your smiling face Yvette in these photos ~ the banners look beautiful!!!! Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one sweet friend. xxoo, Dawn

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