Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's His Birthday....

Today I can shout across the land....
I love this man and today is a day that WE celebrate Him coming into the world.
God gave us the most gentle of giants, with a heart of gold
and the wisdom that we should all listen to.
He is loved by many, children adore him and age seems to avoid him.
How did I become so lucky to get him?
Well, it was not by luck...
See, God knew that I was going to NEED him, to care for me,
to encourage me, and most of all to love me unconditionally!
God had Reid planned for me all the time.
From the time that we both were born,
God had a plan..........
Reid and Yvette.....
Together as one!
Praise God for HIS great plan!
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!


Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Happy Birthday, Reid!


Jean Tuthill said...

Happy Birthday, Reid, you are both so lucky to be together!

Anonymous said...

Aweee.. how sweet, lovely, it brought tears to my eyes.. !
Happy Birthday Reid!
YOU sound amazing! I believe all that Yvette has wrote here..
You can see the sweet spirit in your eyes.
Darlene Pringle

RR Mama said...

Happy Birthday! I hope the day is everything you want it to be! Have fun together!

kathy said...

HOW WONDERFUL _ HAPPY BIRTHDAY _TO YOUR HUB ! hoep you all hav3 a fun filled day - Kathy - ga -- your valentine creation very cute !! kathy - ga

slommler said...

Happy Birthday to your man!! My honey is a gift from God too!! And his birthday is tomorrow!! Praise God for His wonderful blessings! He gave me John before I knew how much I would need him.
Gentle hugs dear one

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