Monday, March 2, 2009

4X4 Gallery Profile Canvas from Dick Blick...

I love working on 4 X 4 Blick Premier Gallery Profile Canvas.
You can easily work on three projects at a time applying
your colors and glues on each one while the other dries.
They are easy to use. Using one simple idea or quote and you can be finished with
it in a day for a gift.
Actually, with these little canvases,
the ideas are endless.


Lori said...

those look so cute!!! the only thing i have been buying at dick blick is matt time i order i might get some of these canvases too!!!

RR Mama said...

Those are precious! I have never seen those before. How was the weekend?

Sue said...

Oh thanks for this info....I have never heard of this place and must go there and order some of those...

kathy said...

Yvettte - Love what you did with those !! OK I am doing some mini canvases myself - for a project --
I bought about 25 mini canvases at Joann's in the $1 bins -- there
were pics of cupcakes etc printed on them - that you were supposed
to color in - I just painted over with gesso and -had an instant canvas -- you can see the printing from behind --so of course i finish with a pretty paper glued to the back --also these are not finished as well (stapled) as the Dick Blick ones - also I turn them over and add paper to the four sides leaving the cut out - for a
niche -- for dimensional things -
also can hinge them together --
kathy - ga said...

Love the 3-d collages, that is a great idea to embellish the canvas's sides too.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

You make it sound so easy but it looks so professional!

Mashelly said...

you have cute blog .love your craft works
thanks for your comments on my blog

Anonymous said...


The Charm House II

Charm House I

I will turn Blessings into Praise!

I will turn Blessings into Praise!