Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rag Corsage....

As I was ripping up fabric for my next project, a rag garland to go in my little store at Vintage Village, I started thinking back to the day when I would make Whit the most beautiful hairbows! Now, when Whitney went to school, it was amazing that her little head could carry these bows! As most of my readers know by now, when I say hairbow, I should just go ahead and say a spewing, beautiful, colorful volcano! The more vibrant the color, the better I liked it. The more eccentric the design, I said.... The better it looked! I have never been one to draw the line...... I go way over the line. I like big and bold as well as living big and bold!
Anyways and anywho back to my design story.... As I was shredding the fabric I thought this may work for a corsage for a bridal shower, flower pin for one eccentric shopkeeper or another item to put into my little store. As I worked, turned the fabric, hand sewed the somewhat straight line to pull the flower into shape, I started seeing my the thought in my somewhat sleepy head (did not go to bed last night because I am go excited) come into the beautiful blossom of a peony.. Yes, it was a peony. I could not leave it as a simple white peony. This peony has to shine with glitter and pearls. And it had to tell as story ~
As an artist we have the opportunity to DREAM big!
In doing so, many times we are
able to INSPIRE others around us!
And to me that means that God is looking down over me, GIGGLING at my "big, bold and obnoxious flower"
and saying~
Child, well done!
You serve me well in what You have done today!
And with that,
I know I have been good to the day ..... If there is enough inquiries on how this was put together,
I will post the instructions tomorrow!


Marsha's Mpressions said...

I love this corsage and would love for you to send instructions. I too remember making bows for my 2 daughters who are now grown until they wouldn't wear them anymore. :) More so, I love your sentiment as always!!! You are an inspiration!

Life with Kaishon said...

It is stunning! But then, what do you make that isn't stunning? When I have a baby girl someday, I will buy my hairbows from you : ). Oh yes, I will!

RR Mama said...

It's beautiful! You will have to come check out my post tomorrow, it was inspired by Y-O-U!!!

Susie Q said...

Yes, another request for instructions! I never could get my oldest daughter to wear things in her hair...the youngest loves for me to buy them for her...and they stay in a basket or something in her room as she wears a ponytail in a scrunchie most of the time. Am I too old to wear them???

Anonymous said...

Yvette that is so pretty! Yes, please post the instructions. I don't have any girlies, but am looking for a frou-frou girlie pup.

When will you be at your shop?


The Feathered Nest said...

I love this Yvette!!! I can see it pinned onto a purse or lampshade too!!! xxoo, Dawn

Melissa said...

Beautiful flower! I'd love to know how you made it! Just lovely!

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Yvette, I hope you saw my response to your question on by blog. I replied on my own and not yours, but after thinking about it maybe I should have replied here. I'm just learning the "blog" rules. HA!
Anyway, if you didn't, the blossom is from a Horse Chestnut tree and not a buckeye unless they are one in the same. Have a good day.

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