Thursday, June 18, 2009

Things to do at the BEACH...

Things To Do....
Build Sandcastles
Look for Crabs at Night
Fly Kites
Look for Seashells
Go to the State Park
Build a Fire on the Beach
Cuddle on the Beach and Look at the Stars
Have a Picnic
Have a Photo Shoot (St. George is a great place to take photo's)
Boogie Board
Collect Driftwood and Shells to make a Mobile
Surf Fish
Feed the Seagulls
Catch a Sunrise and Sunset
Jog on the Beach
Ride a Bike on the Bike Trail
Go Birdwatching
Play Volleyball or Basketball
Go Jetskiing in the Ocean
Watch for Dolphins
Can you tell me more?


RR Mama said...

I wanta go!!!

Mary said...

Oh makes me want to go. You know the idea of going to the beach is not always my first choice of places. I really hate heat. But once I am there the beauty pulls me in. I love walking along the beach looking for the "perfect" formed shell. Just one Lord, just one, but then I find one close enough to perfect and I want another one!!! I love the smell of the ocean, there is something in it that slows me down, as well as watching the rhythm of the waves coming in and receding. One of my favorite things to do is go down in the evening after the crowds have left for the day, sit in my chair with a good book. To enjoy the quiet, only the ocean sounds around, gazing at the massive expanse of ocean and glancing down every now and then to read. Oh, and if it is cool enough to sip on my cup of coffee. Okay Yevette, now I really want to go!!!!!!

When are we leaving??? lol

Katelyn said...

That picture of Whit building a sandcastle is so cute! haha. I miss her!!!

Lou Cinda said...

I love to sit on the beach in my beach chair, right at the edge of the water and just chill!! All Day Long :) People watch, solve world problems by the dozen. Time for family and good friends! At night eat good seafood and then catch crabs on the beach!!

I am going next week and CANNOT wait! My most favorite place in the world!

Have a great weekend!

Lou Cinda :)

Bevie said...

I've always loved the Ocean not to go wading out in the water, but to go off by myself walking the water's edge feeling the softness of the wet sand between my toes. The awesome breeze that caresses my skin making it glow! My very favorite time has always been going out at dusk to what the clouds change as the moon rises and the sun has gone to sleep. Ohhh I can almost smell the clean clear air as it wraps it's arms around me as I sit there taking in God's beauty...geeee is there room for one more Yvette?? (((hugs)))

Lynns Lovelies said...

Oh Yvette...I just LOVE ST George!!We have been there twice and want to go back when we can.
Is Rocky's still there? Love to go there for pizza, just in your suit/shorts and flip flops. NOW that's how it should be 'at the beach'!
We have some great shots of our the boys' sandcastles, playing frisbee and just having fun in the sun!!
Love this post!

MnM said...

What more can u do??

Look out at the vast water and realize GOD created it all for you and me.

I live Jesus!


justastonesthrowaway said...

I live in Carrabelle, which is 25 miles east of St. George Island. I just ordered a necklace from you :)

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