Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Favorite Yesterday.... I like a house without railings!
Yesterday's Winner... Majestic Green House
Tuesday's Winner.... Sweet Yellow House
Now, tell me which one you would rather LIVE in... and remember that the word is LIVE in!!
The sweet yellow house or the majestic green house?


Mary said...

Well, my first thought is the little yellow one - less to clean!! But then I visioned grandkids running around the big green one. I always thought as I got older I would want smaller - but larger has it's advantages as the family grows. Places to spread out in to read and dream. A large gathering table to share meals and life at. Hammocks in the yard for relaxing. Large porches for playing games and evening chats!!

Can you see I am dreaming! :)

Piney Rose said...

Oh my, the sweet yellow house for sure!

Caroline said...

I would rather live in the green house. Having 3 kids I need a lot of room...and that porch wins me over everytime.

Lou Cinda said...

This is nearly impossible to decide! LOVE the yellow one, but I love the green one too!

ummmmm.....YELLOW! That is just my style!!

Lou Cinda :)

RR Mama said...

Can I pick all of them! I will switch off every month or two.

kathy said...

HI , been on vacation --so playing catch up - LOve the green one - but we stayed in a 3 level cabin in Asheville -N>C> -so steps -yikes -- BUt all the grands could keep the stuff -videos and games upstairs and the Parlour -- would be straight and lovely for tea and guests -- Oh got some Raspberry
flavoring from the Biltmore House for tea and lemonade --I can see having it on that yellow house veranda - Kathy - ga

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