Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shame on me.....

Shame on me..... I am sitting here thinking what in the world has taken me away from my blogging? To be honest, I have not really sat down at my computer at all!!! I could say that starting up my little booth at Vintage Village has been so exciting, but very time consuming! No..... I can't really use that as an excuse! How about the fact that Chase and I went to Auburn to get Whit settled into her apartment? Well, Chase would say that would have to be a NO... I sat around and just gave instruction. Maybe my creative spirit just needed a break, we all need that sometime!

Anyways and Anywho, Life has been very busy lately.
It has been that busy sort of life where you take every minute and enjoy!

With Halloween coming up I thought I would share a tradition held by my daughter and my wonderful husband...... Pumpkin Carving at Halloween! They have been doing it for years and still, Whit makes the effort to come home from College to carve a pumpkin with her Daddy! Traditions..... I love them!


Anonymous said...

Hi Yvette!
Oh I have missed you! Did the ladies at your store tell you I came in a few weeks ago? I left my card with one of them. It was the week before school started, on a Thursday.
I have lost all of my email addresses, due to pc blue screens.

Happy to see you these photos!!
Don't you just love this little coolness in the air?


~Let Freedom Ring!~

Mary said...

Hi Yvette, good to see a post from you! :)

We usually carve pumpkins each year, but last year we had our first official pumpkin carving party. My daughter in love asked last year if we could have one - so the tradition has begun!! Fun, fun, fun!!!

Love the picture of Whit using the drill, will have to remember that!!


RR Mama said...

Miss you!! But I know what you mean by busy!! Glad you have been having fun with your shop. Can't wait to see what Whit and your husband carve out this year!

SharDon Exclusives said...

I thought of you numerous times today...isn't that nice? I was in Lawrenceville to deliver my journals to the Womens Pavilion Cancer Center and I could not find highway 78 but will try again soon...sharon

Mary said...

Oh and Yvette, there is no "shame on you" hear me!! :)

Love you!!

kathy said...

Yvette- OH girl I was in the shop
on Tuesday -- they said I had missed you by thirty min ,! Drats !
OK in the fall we all( GA girls ) need to get together - maybe at VINT VILLage -- then lunch or whatever -- you me - Dawn and Kris
(she can only do Sat) as she works
Just throwing it out there -- need to mention to Dawn -- Kathy - ga ♥- p.s glad you are back !!

Bevie said...

Hi Yvette it's so good to see you posting again, and share in all the fun you all have carving pumpkins. I'm going to be sure to carve one this year. When we have a fall gathering with all the family I am usually the one painting faces..ehehe!!! Now my daughter, April has taken over that lovely job!!! (((hugs)))
love you and have missed you sweetie!!!

Holly said...

Wow, pumpkin carving already! Where on earth has this year gone!? :O

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