Monday, October 12, 2009

Spook City at Our Home.....

We love Halloween!!! We love the fact that children come to our home and get excited about our decorations, our goody bags and well.... I guess you could say the whole atmosphere! Last year we had over a 125 children come to our home! For Reid and I, that is so awesome! It is a chance to visit with the neighbors, see all our friends and just fellowship with each other!

This year with Pirates being so "hot", we choice to be a Pirate house. This was easy seeing that I had collected Pirate "stuff" for our Beach House. Did you know that you can get fish nets really cheap after they get holes in them from the docks? And I found a great place in Apalachicola to get old flags and other Pirate items!

When I was younger, I remember neighbors doing special things for us! Thinking back, I bet they enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed them! That's what I want to create for all my visitors, a great and safe memory of Halloween as I had!

Hope you enjoy the video!!!


RR Mama said...

AWESOME!!! Love it all!!!

slommler said...

Great video!! Pretty scary!! Love it!!

Marcia said...

I love Halloween too! I live in an apartment at the moment but am anxious to move into a house to decorate it all!! Happy Halloween!

Marcia @ frugaliousliving

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