Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yo-Yo Bug....

When I was younger and dating in Highschool, I usually fell in love with the parents as fast as I fell in love with the guy! One young man in particular that I dated had the most wonderful mother! She was creative, enthusiatic and well... she just enjoyed living life! I remember as long as I dated ............. (said guy) that his mother worked on this beautiful quilt that she called her yo-yo quilt! I loved it! So charming! I always dreamed of making one, but never had the patience to even get started! Well... the other day as I was slowly grazing through the craft store, I found the most wonderful tool... A yo-yo maker! ......... (Said guy's) Mom would be shocked!!! This is the easiest and fastest tool I have ever seen in creating anything! As I sat and watched TV I was able to create three yo-yo's in my first attempt!

I am really excited about the yo-yo's because thanks to my wonderful Aunt Betty I have some of the most wonderful vintage fabric! Ideas popping and fingers working, I hope to have yo-yo creations filling my home!

Isn't it amazing how past memories flood our thoughts and desires with projects!


The Feathered Nest said...

I love my little yo-yo maker!! I want to get the tiny one now....I'm so happy for you and your family on the engagement of your daughter, congratulations!!! hugs and love, Dawn

RR Mama said...

How cool!! I have something for you at my blog today and it's not the usually meme either! Go check it out!!!

slommler said...

Hey!! I got some of the Yo-Yo maker thingeys myself!! Haven't tried it yet though. You have my fingers itching now. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

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