Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What's you first decoration to pull out?

I know the Christmas Spirit is in the air when these little fellas come out! These little guys are the first ones to adorn my house! We purchased them on a trip with our children to the Epcot Center. I don't know what is so special about them.... they just make me feel festive and ready to decorate. And don't you just love the skinny trees from Dept. 56? So much fun!
What is the first decoration in your home to be pulled out?


Lou Cinda said...

I do my mantle first and in fact, did it last weekend! I don't know why! I am starting to sprinkle other stuff through the house and I do my tree last, the weekend after Thanksgiving, when it is officially on!!

Have a great week Yvette!

Lou Cinda :)

slommler said...

I do my dining room credenza. And I have pulled out my skinny trees as well. I start decorating soon after Halloween!!!

kimmcl said...

What a delightful post!! Love those Christmas pretties.

Sue said...

The first thing I put out is the real meaning of the holiday my Creche...Day 1 is the stable and grass..Day 2 the children add the figures of Mary and Joseph..Day 3 the ox and donkey...Day 4 the star and lights...Day 4 shepherds and their flocks of sheep...Day 5 three wise men—along with their camels...Day 6 the angels...We sing holy Christmas songs and tell the story of Christ's birth...then on Christmas Eve we place the Christ Child in the manger and then bring in the shepherds, sheep, wise men and camels close around the Christ Child...then we all go to mass...Most of my great grandchildren are big enough now to join in...It really makes the meaning of Christmas special to everyone....

Life with Kaishon said...

I haven't pulled anything out yet. I did light the Christmas cookie candle though... and the house smelled so good. It made me bake cookies. And then I promptly ate them all up... Man!

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