Saturday, January 16, 2010

ATC - Artist Trading Cards....

What can catch your creative side and get you hooked?
Artist Trading Cards or easier said and better known~ ATC's.
Artist Trading Cards are miniature works of art 2-1/2 X 3-1/2 inches or about the same size as a baseball card. The ATC movement started in Switzerland where individuals started trading each others pieces of miniature art. You can use any type of media that you want. The size is really the only stipulation. The cards are usually traded or exchanged rather than sold. I have sold many of mine. They are great because you can get a great piece of miniature art at a great price. On E-bay I have seen ATC's running from $1.00 up to sometimes as high as $50.00. You can find many ATC groups in blogland with artist loving to trade cards.


The Vintage Attic said...

Thanks Yvette. I asked and you answered perfectly. I truly love your art.
Have a blessed day!


slommler said...

It is fun to work on ATC!! Especially if you are creatively stuck....knocks it right out of you!

SharDon Exclusives said...

Yvette, I have pulled up/enlarged each of your ATC cards and I am wondering if you are using wax to seal them? I love each one but my favorites are the ones with Scriptures. I am going to try to make some for my prayer partners at church. Lovely pieces,

Ticking and Toile said...

Love your necklaces!!! they are so very adorable! Just found your blog & anxious to check it out!


The Vintage Attic said...

Yvette, you have inspired me. I did it, I did some collage art. So if you could in your spare time stop by to see it. i would love your input.


Jane said...

I'm a new visitor and really enjoyed looking around your blog. I came over from The Vintage Attic.

Whitney said...

Your ATC's look awesome!!! I love the new header on your page too!

Anonymous said...
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Cheryl Carey Bass said...

Oh yes! I'm totally hooked on ATC swaps! It's a fun and somewhat easy way to share your love of vintage art with other creative souls!

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