Thursday, January 7, 2010

The house is quiet......

Reid and I woke up this morning to an empty house. JD and Whitney left yesterday for his parent's house before their final semester at Auburn starts. I look back on the holidays and I am shocked at how much we accomplished for the wedding. At this point I think everything is finished with the exception of hiring a string quartet for the ceremony. We met yesterday with the florist (which is also a dear friend of mine) and he started the meeting with a wonderful story board! Besides JD and Whit, the flowers will make the wedding so magical!
I finished designing the "Save the Date" cards and sent them to the printers! The card showing IS NOT the final card. When we receive them and send them off, I will show you the card they picked to send! Hint.... It matches their invitations!!!
All this being said..... It is with hopes that my life will be a little more calm and I can start blogging more. We will see!


Lou Cinda said...

What a beautiful photo! I know this wedding will be magical and beautiful...a fairytale!

Stay warm...

Lou Cinda

slommler said...

Great photo of the two of them. Wedding planning can be stressful but also loads of fun. Sounds like you all have it well in hand.

Mary said...

I know you are having fun planning their wedding. Yvette, they are beautiful together!!

SharDon Exclusives said...

Yvette, I am thinking of something for a garter..I will contact you ASAP so that you can get that under your Weddings are so exciting and a good kind of stressful. I planned my daughters wedding from Boca Raton, she was in GA, the wedding was in made her dress. It was such a blessing as I know it is a once in a life time bit of adventure..
Blessings to you both as you prepare,

Whitney said...

:) It was so much fun!! :) Thanks for everything mom! It will truly be a magical evening... even if it rains.

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