Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Birthday Celebrations in the town to pretty to burn....

I don't know how it happened, but in our family most of the birthdays seem to fall in February. To celebrate, each year DAD takes us to the Chop House in Madison, Georgia. If you live anywhere around Georgia, you have to go to Madison. The homes and the town are incredible.

Madison has become known in local folklore as "the town too pretty to burn." Madison lay directly in the path of one wing of General Sherman’s army. Madison attorney, former U.S. Senator and Unionist, Joshua Hill was given clearance to travel through Federal lines and met General Sherman at his headquarters. An agreement was reached and Union forces spared Madison. It has always been said that Sherman said Madison was too pretty to burn.
To find out more about Madison and its rich history go to....

Our February Birthdays....

EmmaKate and ME!

My MOM, EmmaKate and my DAD

Isn't she precious......


Mary said...

Love these photos! When I saw the first one I said, "Where's my precious Yvette?" There she is, holding adorable Emma Kate. What a precious photo of your Mom and Emma.
You favor her Yvette.

I know you have a wonderful time with loved ones!!!!

slommler said...

Gorgeous pictures!! And Emma-Kate is so adorable!! I just want to cuddle her too!

RR Mama said...

That baby has the most beautiful blue eyes!! You look wonderful too! July is our birthday month. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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