Friday, March 12, 2010

Chase & Jackie's Destination Wedding Invites....

When Chase told me he was going to design and make the Wedding Invitations for their wedding, I was a little surprised, but not entirely. Even though Chase did not go to school to become a graphics designer, he has the natural talent. I thought this was a perfect invite for their Barbados destination wedding! I love how he personalized each one, making us feel special.
The wedding plans are going so well. Jackie has her colors, her dress and her sweet Aunt in Barbados is helping with the other plans. Cinta, her aunt, e-mailed me yesterday with a selection of restaurants for the rehearsal dinner. It was hard to look at the menu.... my choices were so good. I think I am leaning with this one.... Champers Restaurant ... The menu is incredible and it has so many choices. I also like the Italian restaurant she sent us, so tomorrow morning I will probably being desiring this one... Luigi's. I can't wait for Chase and Jackie's wedding, it is so Jackie!!! Elegant and beautiful!


slommler said...

The invites are adorable!!! Both rest. look fab. Hard choice!

Jackie said...

So glad you love them! I am super excited too. :)

Mary said...

I love these, so un-traditional!! :)
I am all for tradition, but I like a little twist!!!!

Tell him great job!!!

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