Monday, March 22, 2010

What If.....

I have been working so hard on Whitney and JD's wedding and it has been so much fun. Going through all of the pictures that have inspired me, I decided to post some for My Make-Believe Wedding! LOL This is so different from the wedding Reid and I had and to be honest I probably would have pitched a fit if my mother wanted to create a handmade wedding or have one on our families farm! I am not sure why things are so different today..... Maybe we desire a surrounding of things that make us comfortable or rather things that make us feel at home and loved. Whatever it is that is driving this trend of DIY weddings, I love it! I am amazed with all of the creative people coming up with some pretty unbelievable wedding ideas. I think I would have really loved being a wedding planner for Vintage and Country Weddings. Maybe one day with the help of some younger women I know, my dream will come true! Hint, Hint......


Mary said...

These are wonderful ideas!! I like "homey, simple, outdoor" style too.
We have had both a rehearsal dinner here (outside) and my son's wedding here. They were both lovely. We might be having another rehearsal dinner here in May.

My husband and I were married at sunrise on a lovely hill overlooking water many, many years ago. We had wind chimes as our music!!

I just know you are having (for the most part) a blast with all the planning - and I know they will be beautiful and full of love!!


Vintage Sandy said...

Beautiful pictures makes me want to go back in time an to do our wedding over...♥love the country wedding theme how times have changed simple is better♥

lailani said...

These are all such feel good images. Makes me want to have another wedding (lol - without the expense??? right ;)

I had more of a rustic meets eloquent theme. These remind me a little of my wedding.

You should go for the wedding planner position - with all these ideas and your artistic talent? You go girl!

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