Monday, May 10, 2010

Bathing Suit Season.... YUCK!!!

So... I am getting everything ready to pack for Chase and Jackie's wedding in Barbados. Of course going to an Island with beautiful beaches I have to own and wear a bathing suit. I don't know about you, but for me I hate this part of summer. I am not even close to being the shape of any model in a magazine and that includes the PLUS models. I go in, find a suit that says I will look two sizes smaller... What a joke, I don't care about being two sizes smaller, well really I would like that but reality and chances are It's just not going to happen...... Anyways back to the dreaded scene..... I pull up the bottoms, of course I have to go with a tankini' because there is not a one piece swimming suit that will fit this long tall figure, and the bottoms fits pretty dang good. Then it comes to the top...... Don't they realize that if someone is going to wear a swimsuit of this size they are probably a little, scratch that...... probably HUGE in the chest???? The makeshift bra in the swimsuit is a joke when it comes to taking care of my two needs. I finally find one that will have to do.....
To say the least, I will go to Barbados with a swimming suit. But this girl can guarantee you that she put a lot more thought into the cover-up than she did the swimsuit!!!!


The Other Side of Me said...


Have a wonderful time. Remember it is absolutely enough to just be there and enjoy everything than to worry about fitting into that bathing suit. Your smile is what people see anyway. You will be beautiful. Enjoy the beach and can't wait to see all the pics from the wedding.

Mary said...

well I can relate!!
not the big boobs - more like a big butt!!! :)

I remember a friend telling me about an old woman, much older than us, walking around in a bikini and not giving a hoot what anyone else thought. She said she wanted to be able to be free like that - me too.

Though I would not put on a bikini, just could not do that yet!!!!

Remember you precious in God's sight and his delight in in you. I have been using that a lot as a reminder to me and others.

It's truth, truth, truth!!!!!!

You have a blast celebrating and enjoying the beach!!!!

slommler said...

Boy I hear ya girl!! I just do bathing suits or shorts either. My legs don't go all the way up!! Sad really!
I hope you have a great time despite the bathing suit! A good cover up is a great thing!!!

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