Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How does my lettuce grow????

So this year Reid and I started growing lettuce on our back deck in whiskey barrels. Our yard is full of wild life and in the past most of our vegetables have fed the animals more than us. We decided this year to try growing them on our back porch. We added mushroom compost to our planting soil and ALL of our vegetables and herbs have gone crazy!
See how healthy the lettuce looks!
Each night I go right outside my kitchen and pick a handful of leaves for dinner!
Just Perfect!


RR Mama said...

I'm coming over, get ready!! It looks so yummy.

slommler said...

The lettuce looks wonderful. I know what you mean about feeding the wildlife. Same here. We are going to plant differently this year as well. More raised beds and lots of cayenne pepper!!

kathy said...

Oh how yummy - a good idea as we have a herd ( yes 5-or 6 at a time )
of deer that cross our yard each day -- and love to eat the vegetation -- Blessings to all in the many preparations you have -- they are all so lovely - KAthy - ga ♥

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