Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ring Bearer Nest for the Wedding.....

The Ring Bearer's Nest
Well, by the time this post is up, Whit's wedding day will be here and gone! While writing this post I thought ~Everything I create (invitations, programs, I mean everything) has to tell a story. Maybe that is the artist in me. When we create we are constantly thinking about the story of the piece. When making this piece I found that the bird represents me..... The two eggs, my children JD (son-in-love to be) and Whit (our daughter). I thought about how hard it is for a MOM and DAD to let go of our children, to let them create and feather their own nest. The shredded vintage paper represents how as individuals, we can take anything and everything and use it to Glorify God! I loaded the nest with feathers~ Whitney loves to use feathers in her art. I can't believe that I am sitting here crying.... They are tears of JOY for my children. Children that have taken their stand in the Lord! I think I may create my own little nest, with two birds (Reid and I) and four little eggs (Jackie and Chase & Whitney and JD)~ Our Nest....


Mary said...

Oh I can believe you are crying!! such emotions that must be running through your mind and heart.

When Seth got married, he slept here the night before. It did not hit me till it was over and I was walking through my home. I looked in the room he slept in and thought, that was the last time he will sleep there as just my son. Last Christmas was the last Christmas where it was just us five......Now, I am thankful for my beautiful new daughter, and precious grandson, but it is different, and it is meant to be, but there is a mourning for what was, even if what is is better. Does that make sense??

Hugs dear friend!!!

slommler said...

What a gorgeous ring bearers nest! Love everything about it. And your story to go with it is priceless! Your nest is expanding now!
How exciting is that?
Hugging you

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