Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Prayer Request for JD and Whit....

I want to share one of the many video's that Whitney and JD have put together for their new blog Jitney's Journey's. One of their friends gave them the name Jitney as their "star" name, you know like Bradgelina (Brad and Angelina). Anyway it has stuck and great things are now coming from it. Tonight they are speaking to the Youth at Faith Baptist Church in Monroe, Georgia. Following is a small of their blog from yesterday.........We are so excited to share our individual journeys which both led us to each other a little over one year ago. The main topic will be purity but we will also be addressing the importance of praying for and thinking about the husband / wife that the Lord has set aside for them. So please please keep us in your prayers tomorrow... that the Lord will truly rock these students' worlds and even our own, that He will give us the confidence to speak boldly yet with much vulnerability, and that His Truth and His name will be known above all things.

The following video was taken at a Children's Camp where they were the guest leaders in Decatur, Alabama. The two are living in my Mom and Dad's cottage at Lake Oconee. Mom and Dad's house is next door and I know they all have been a great blessing to each other, especially with Mom experiencing the lost of her mother. They both are searching for jobs.... But, God remains faithful helping them to grow as a couple during this time. Enjoy the video and please leave a comment to let them know you are praying for them.

Please pray for the two of them as God continues to use them in His way and as they search for the jobs that God has waiting for them.

Children's Camp 2010 from Whitney Todd on Vimeo.

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