Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Past....

I love Christmas.....

Simply put, I love EVERYTHING about it!

Being with family,

Continuing Traditions,

Visiting Santa,

and most of all....

Celebrating the Birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

My mother has always been the best of best when it came to hosting our family dinners. Food covers the cabinets, games are planned to include everyone and laughter has always been the highlight of the day. She has taught us well on how to entertain your family. This is the first Christmas that Reid and I will have with our new family! With both of the children now married, we will create our own traditions! For us, this is so exciting!

Me and Santa..... Probably 1964!

Chase, my mother and Daniel sledding! 1987
When we had Chase, we decided that we would start a tradition of sending out Christmas cards each year with our children on them. It is so amazing now to look at them and see the different personalities of the children each year. This picture was made in 1990. It includes my nephew and niece...... Daniel and Lauren. The four of them have always been very close!
Our first year being married..... 1982
What traditions can you share with others that you and your family enjoy?

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slommler said...

We take group family photos as well. It is always fun to look back at them. We also sing Christmas carols!

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I will turn Blessings into Praise!