Thursday, December 30, 2010

A couple of Images and Upcoming Contest.....

Starting January 1st, I will be running my 500 Post Contest!

I am working on a special piece now to give away.

So, remember to look for my year to start on giving you something special!

It has been so awesome having a place where I can meet and greet with friends.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments and a special thanks to my Georgia Blogger group!

Love you all!


slommler said...

Wonderful images!! And your 500th post??!! Fantastic!!!
Happy New Year dear one

Patti said...

Congratulations on 500 posts!!
This is awesome.
The images are sweet.
Happy New Year

Paper Blessings said...

Love these images. Where can we find/buy images like this to use on our artwork? TFS. God's best to you~

The Charm House II

Charm House I

I will turn Blessings into Praise!

I will turn Blessings into Praise!