Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Miracle in Atlanta!

The last time measurable snow fell in Atlanta on Christmas Day was in 1882. Up until last night, this had been a Christmas that felt very different. It is in the sense that I knew my children would be with their in-loves on Christmas and I only put up a tree and a wreath on the front door for decorations. Maybe I was preparing to have a sad day on Christmas, thinking of myself and not the miracles that we are provided all through the year by the one that we celebrate on this day. I woke up early on Christmas morning (4:30 or so) and went to look out the front door. I saw one star..... it was so bright. It was telling me to search for Him.... During the day, Reid and I sat in our cozy little work space. I started creating a piece about Reid and I and how from the very beginning God had put us together. I thought about all of the miracles God had provided for us, how He constantly gets us through each and every day. Of course my day started changing and Christmas day started feeling different. As we prepared to end our night, God showed us one more miracle..... Snow falling. Miracle of Miracles.... Snow in Atlanta in December! WOW! That's what Christmas is about.... The Miracle!!! Merry Christmas to all!

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slommler said...

And we had no snow...and that was a miracle as well. We had to travel during the Christmas holiday so not having to drive in it was a real blessing.
Stay warm
Happy New Year

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I will turn Blessings into Praise!