Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chatter Hangings.....

Chatter Hangings ~ Little tiny art pieces to hang from your kitchen cabinet knobs.

I started making these little pieces years ago and today with all the wonderful fabric flowers that are offered, they work up so fast. The hardest thing is having the patience to allow all of the papers that you glue down to dry properly. I usually do all of my gluing at night and then by the morning they are ready to be sanded and finished. Many times I will use vintage necklaces for the chains. And as always, I love using scrabble tiles.

I always want each piece to tell a story. In the first piece, I used an old vintage love letter. You can tell at the bottom where it says, " love you and miss you". For me, art is a chance to motivate, encourage and inspire others. That is why I call everything my Chatter Art. I want to tell a story that will make the person receiving the art piece feel more encouraged and inspired.

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RR Mama said...

Beautiful! Is hubby still playing in the snow??

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I will turn Blessings into Praise!