Monday, January 10, 2011

A Snowy Night in Georgia....

When it snows in Georgia like this, all is still! We become homebound! As soon as we hear of the threat of snow or ice, we all run out and gather our supplies for a long stay in the house. Chicken Stew is started on the stove, crock pot holds vegetable soup. Yes, for us, we snuggle up.... watch it snow, eat.... and just wait for the power to go out! I really enjoy this time, my husband takes on a new personality. He can't go to work and there is something about the snow that brings the child out in him. As soon as there was enough light this morning, he had to go out and take pictures. And I know, later in the day if possible, the sleds will come out. I really like seeing this side of him.... With the struggle of work, it is so good to know there is still peace inside of him waiting to come out.


lailani said...

How Wonderful! Enjoy your day and beautiful scenery!

kathy said...

HOpe you are warm and snug still -- on this snowy day - jUST A QUICK CHECK ON MY FAMILY PEEPS AND BLOG PEEPS ALSO -- so behind on things -- because of good stuff ( baby kisses- among church projects and a coupla of swaps ) New Year Blessings to you all your family -- HUgz - kathy - ga ♥

Mary said...

I love this homebound time too!!

I love your second chicken painting even better than the first, and that's something because I loved the first.
You do this style so very well.

Enjoy the snow!

Jean Tuthill said...

I hope you are snug and warm inside and that you didn't loose your power. That is a beautiful picture. Glad to hear Hubby has a good time, hope you join in the fun!

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