Friday, November 14, 2014


I love pinterest! I seen a piece similar to this on my board and I knew I had everything to make it in my studio. It was so completely easy to make!  You can find the shadowbox frame here....  When I purchased the frame it was only $2.99... It waited around the studio for some time waiting for its purpose!
I simply glued a piece of scrapbook paper onto the back, painted the frame red, sanded the edges and applied a dark stain. I then placed the glass back into the frame, put in some jingle bells and then I just slid the back on. 
I used my Silhouette to create the word jingle.
It is just to cute!

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Sandi said...

It is super cute

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I will turn Blessings into Praise!

I will turn Blessings into Praise!