Saturday, December 27, 2014

Just a Smile... Creating a "Blessing Bag"

Just a smile.....
I know you all have seen people holding a "I am Homeless" sign on the side of the road. Most of us just drive by, trying not to look, thinking that person needs to go and get a job and the list could go on and on. Thinking about it, I can assure you that most of the people would love to have a job, warm home to live in, a car to get them about and a family that loves them. It is so easy for us to judge people and apply labels to them that are negative. What if we turned the tables and looked at it in a different way. If we looked at that person with love, we may see a person who was put out of work, who had a terrible health problem. a person that has never felt love.
I visit Scott's Antique Market every couple of months. I always know that at the top of the ramp I will find a homeless person. You can tell in the shrubs that a "home" has been assembled for them to stay in. As I was driving to the airport to pick up Jacks and Chase, my car just drove right off 285 onto the exit. I knew I was not prepared to help the lady so I started looking in my pocketbook for anything. I found a pack of crackers. This time the lady that I usually see was not there but an elderly Mexican man about 60 who was being supported by two crutches. I let my window down and told him that all I had to give him was the pack of crackers. I felt so bad that I had not thought about the route I was taking and been more prepared. He looked at me, his hand touched mine as he took the crackers and he said, "It's the smile that you give me that means the most".  I broke down into tears...... He needed kindness, a smile, someone saying that HE existed.  I am not sure but I can almost say that I was blessed as much as he was. I can still feel his hand touching mine and a feeling of thanks and love shooting from his body to mine.
We all have come across a homeless individual and felt totally uncomfortable. We see them in need and have no idea how to help them. Handing them money is not always the best idea. But, you know in your heart they are clearly in need. Hungry. Thirsty. In Pain. Seeking Help.

If you would like to help the homeless, prepare a special "Blessings Bag" for them containing some of the following:
Trail Mix
Granola Bars
Chap Stick
Band aids
Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Hand Wipes
Coins (used to make a phone call or purchase a food item)
And always include a card of encouragement.

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