Monday, April 21, 2008

God's Gift to Me~

First of all, let me begin by saying Praise God for all the things that He is doing in my life and that of my family. He is an awesome God, surrounding my family with blessings and miracles through all things! He is the Great Planner, the Knower of ALL things, the Great Healer… He is my Everything! To sum it up: He is the reason I roll out of bed every morning with a smile on my face and the reason I go to bed every night with peace in my heart. God knew about The Charm House years ago when He placed the name in my heart. I didn't know what I was going to do with it, I just knew that one day I would own some type of business that would be called “The Charm House”. He prepared me for years, teaching me and giving me ideas so that when the day came that I "needed" something to help occupy my time, it would be there waiting for me. Having the health problems that I do, I have extreme ups and downs. I have dealt with this for years and God has taught me how to deal with it. Looking back on being a Mom and Wife, God always gave me the strength that I needed to deal with everything that I needed to, yet kept me humble enough to remain obedient to Him. Today I can see how this all came together to make my children the young adults that they are today. See, sometimes when God puts us in the deepest of trials (as that of my health), He is preparing us for something great! I once told a young lady that when you accept Christ as your Savior, life is great! It was hard for her to understand that because she knew that God still allows us to go through trials. I have been through many trials and have seen God at work through them, that through ALL THINGS God is working out HIS PLANS and I am willing to deal with anything so that HIS WILL can be done not only in my life but that of my husbands, my children and my family.

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JMBMOMMY said...

Enjoyed your blog today! Your garden and home are just beautiful. Wow. And that paperbag scrapbook blew me away. I scrapbook--well I thought I did before seeing that-LOL! I noticed a few things in your home that i have in my own home--thought that was cool. And I took the shoe test--I am BARE FEET ;)

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I will turn Blessings into Praise!

I will turn Blessings into Praise!