Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sweet Gifts~

Is it not amazing how children can brighten a day? Today I had finally decided to clean my studio............... a chore I hate with a passion. This is one of the few chores that I have an attention span of a four year old!!! Why is it, that each thing that I touch beckons to be used? I seem to drag and drag and drag! I desperately need someone or something to save me from this chore so I can have a REAL reason not to do it!! By mid morning ( little has changed in my studio ) I hear a small little tap tap on the front door. It is here, my sweet distraction........................ no, the two sweetest little distractions bearing gifts! Russell and Brooke, my two young neighbors who had just visited the strawberry patch! One had a beautiful little basket of berries and the other a small "rock" they hand painted together with flowers on it. Now, You would have to know me really well to know of my love of rocks! Note to Self: You are crazy admitting your love for rocks!!! But this young mother knew how thrilled I would be with this gift! What a lesson she was teaching today in the art of giving! The visit alone would have been enough for me, but to come bearing gifts and to be thoughtful enough to remember what I love. I am so grateful for Miranda and the love she shows these children. With Mother's Day coming up soon, we should all put mother's like this upon a pedestal and say thanks for raising our next generation to be loving and caring! Job well done Girlie!

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