Friday, August 22, 2008

God gives us OPPORTUNITIES in the most unusual places...

As many of you know I live on a roller coaster........... What some of you don't know, even those of you close to me..... Last week was a bummer of a week! I was at the bottom of the roller coaster ride, wondering how in the world I was going to get enough energy to even find a way to fight my way to the top again! Infections started, depression started.......... asking God, "How in the world do YOU think that I am going to do your work if I am feeling this way?" Not understanding His purpose for me feeling so sick! I still don't quite understand the up's and down's that God puts me through but then again Paul didn't understand his "thorn" that he suffered. I do know through it all God has given me this incredible ministry and without my suffering I wouldn't have it! So with that and through that I praise HIM! So, this leads into my day.........

I felt GREAT today........... GREAT enough to visit WALLY WORLD (our local WalMart).............. GREAT ENOUGH to walk around and talk to people as I went up and down the aisles at WALLY WORLD. (By the way, this is where I go when I feel good and want to visit my neighbors) A neighbor passed by me as I was gawking at all the new releases on videos and said, "It's good to see you, How are you?" and I say, "I am feeling so GREAT!" and she looked, tilted her head, smiled and sincerely said, "I can tell by your eyes that you really are having a great day." "Thank you, that makes me even feel better!" I said. Sad to say, most people having health problems only want people to see them when they are feeling good! When we are feeling bad we want to lock ourselves away! Anyways....... back to my day.....
After that I mosey on over to the fabric section, the section that I love, and I run into this elderly lady in a motorized chair looking for someone to help her with the sewing machines. Knowing the sewing section and knowing that Walmart sales associates hide in this section I knew I would have to represent Walmart. After awhile we finally find someone to go and find someone to help her. After I decided that I had time to spare I stayed and chatted for a bit. I found out that her name is Ms. Inez and it just so happens that she lives one road over from the one that my grandmother use to live on. Well, I feel at this point she is my neighbor and she deserves even more of my time and help. So, I ask her exactly what type of sewing machine she is looking for (as if I am the authority on Walmart's sewing machines, but then again I do know that I am going to know a heck of a lot more than the girl they are fixing to send over). She explains that she just found a heap of fabric and her sewing machine had given out and she just needed a simple sewing machine. As we looked we decided the cheapest sewing machine would probably work out the best. We talked and talked for over twenty minutes and the whole time not a sign of a Walmart helper. Now tell me, is that God or what? No, joking aside. A policeman did pass by and that did get her attention, I am not sure why, I don't know how she thought he was going to help us. Maybe she thought he could go and arrest some Walmart person. I wish someone could go and arrest the Walmart fabric person for not being there for her. But anyway I made a very dear friend today. Spent time well in Wally World and I think the GUY upstairs would have been proud of me for being a salesman and representative for Walmart!

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