Thursday, August 28, 2008

I love my husband and the love letter....

Cofer Brothers today ~ started 1919 by Reid Cofer and his brother
I am so glad that I waited for "The One" that God had planned for me! He blesses me everyday in every way! From the moment I wake up until the time my head my hits the pillow he makes sure that my every need is taken care of. After being married to him for 25 years, he still surprises me constantly in ways that attract me to him! Last night he gifted me this beautiful love letter that his grandfather had given his grandmother in 1922. At the time she was living in Monroe going to school (where we are now living and where I was born) and he was trying to start a business with his brother in Tucker (Cofer Brothers). He shared his love for her and how he was trying so hard to start the business for them. It was a wonderful love letter. I will cherish it forever. I know you are asking why it took him so long to give it to me..... Well, he found it as he was looking for a couple of small diamonds (that belong to his grandmother) we had put away in the safe for our children when they decided to get married, hoping they would want to use them for sentimental reasons. Yes, we have a son considering his bride! He has had an excellent role model in his dad! She will be a lucky woman if he follows his daddy's lead! I truly believe that God has that special someone for everyone that will bring them that cup of coffee with the right amount of cream and sugar in the morning. You just have to have patience and wait on God.......... I love you Reid! (Yes, My husband was named after his grandfather that also waited for his wonderful bride~ Belle)

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