Friday, September 26, 2008

These Things Make Me Happy...

Freshly Cut Grass
Old Buttons Still on their Paper
Listening to the Geese take off in flight
Salt Air
I Love My Old Things That My Family Gave Me With A Story To Them!
Fields of Sunflowers
Antiques, Antiques, Antiques!
Smell of Fabuloloso
Listening to Chase Play the Guitar, Mandoline, Banjo, etc. and Sing
Listening to Whit Sing
Having the Geese Sing to Me
Boss Oysters
My Red Velour Pullover
Watching the Squirrels Play
A Honest Heart
Watching the Bluebirds
Cutting a Path in the Woods with my Husband
Old Websters Dictionary
Wind Blowing through leaves ready to fall
Looking at Old Pictures of my Children and Family
Looking for Shells with Whit
Waves Crashing Against the Beach
Looking at My Christmas Collection
Lenox Santa Collection my Mother collected for me for years
Fontanini Nativity my children played with when they were younger
My Husband Sitting on the Dock with Me Watching the Beavers
Feeding the Catfish
Kayaking with Chase
Sitting Around with Family at Night Talking Outside on the Porch
Mama's Biscuits and Gravy
Aunt Shirley's Mac and Cheese
Aunt Betty's Lemonade
Grandma Moon's Italian Cream Cheese Cake
Daddy singing You Are My Sunshine
Mama Sewing
Wedding Ring Quilt Grandma made Reid and I for our wedding
Sitting on my steps at the Beach House at Night looking at the Stars
Watching the Shrimp Boats at Night
Lighting Bugs
Breakfast with Santa

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Anonymous said...

Hello Sunshine,
Here are my favorite things: Chase Whitney YOU!
-Rain :)

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