Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Art of Gift Wrapping...

Purchase good wide ribbon that will make good fluffy bows!
Watch your craft stores for sale on ribbons.
Collect objects during the year to put on your packages
and don't limit yourself to the size.
If you find something that you think the person will like
and the price is good, go for it!
Usually you can tie it any object on with ribbon.
This package used wired small ribbon looped many times
and an brooch purchased from a dollar store.

When you give dish towels as a thank you gift, tie them up pretty with a ribbon. A book with a wide ribbon a brooch attached is always a wonderful gift!

Tulle fabric gathered around a basket and tucked under. A wide silk ribbon pulled around and pulled into a beautiful bow and a silk peony tucked in.
A plastic Rubbermaid container full of kitchen utensils for a bride is covered in tulle and gathered at the top and tucked under to look like a wedding veil. It is finished off with a with a pink flowered brooch.
Pick out Christmas Ornaments that you think the person will like and use that on the package as the tag! I also like to use craft paper as wrapping paper. The edges always make a smoother edge when wrapping.

I truly believe there is an art to gift wrapping, but I believe it can be easily achieved. To achieve it, one only has to take the time to think about the person that will be receiving the gift! What color do they like, what are their hobbies, their interest, basically what do you know about them? It is taking the time to find out about the person that you are gifting and going that extra step of finishing off your gift by making it special in the presentation. Many times they don't care what is inside because of the way that you have presented it! They know that you have taken that extra step to really make their gift special! The next time you have a gift to give, try it. Take a little extra time to make your gift extraordinary!


SherryRoseBella said...

Wow!! You really know how to wrap presents, girl!!! You really do spoil your family & friends...and that's a good thing!! I hope you post pictures of the presents under your Christmas tree during the holiday season..that must be a beautiful sight!!

The Feathered Nest said...

What beautiful gifts!!! And such great ideas too! That's one of the wonderful things about blogging is sharing ideas with one another ~ Thank you so very much posting such a sweet comment on my blog!! I so appreciate you stopping by to read it ~ I've been enjoying yours, your beautiful family and the beach house photos...what a gorgeous place!! Thank you again Yvette, it's so nice to meet you ~ xxoo, Dawn

kathy said...

Yvette, So glad you visited me -- You now feel like an old friend -- as I had to read "ALL " of your posts . You are so talented and creative !! I love your ideas !!!and your ministry of sharing and teaching friends and children is so wonderful . I live in Covington --so it truly is a small world --I do so love GOD --family and art so much , so I think we are kindred spirits, just like Anne of Green Gables( a fav movie of mine and hubs ) -- Truly we have lots in commom - Hub is a home remodeler of 30 +years -has clients sometimes near your Hubs business (buys from them often )and the Buckhead area - God has blessed him with great repeating clients and referals , -and he does woodturning as a hobby- makes bowls , peppermills and boxes , pens etc - Hope we will get to chat -- I saw Dawn had made a comment -- she is so precious --
Will continue to check out your blog -- Do you ever visit Archivers etc --maybe we could meet one day -or IN Snellville etc
Kathy - GA

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

What a great post! Love all your ideas. A gift is much better when wrapped in a special way!

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