Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Checking the Christmas Tree....

Well, for my family, it is time to check the Christmas Tree AND make all of the repairs AND have it ready to put up at Thanksgiving! This year was the year for a major overhaul and it demanded a trip to my favorite Christmas shoppe, M C Twinklins. After stripping the 10 foot beauty of all of its white twinkling lights (half of them being non-twinkling at times), Reid and I safely packed the tree in the back of the Tahoe for its trip. I sat at the desk with the nicest of ladies totalling up my colored light (yes, I said colored lights, because I need a change after all of these years (and yes we all four voted AND I won with my one vote))! Grand total almost $600.00! I could not believe it, the price of a brand new tree already lit, with a warranty included, is almost the same price! My beautiful tree was already approaching almost ten years old. I loved it so much, but couldn't justify the cost.... WOW! I just hope this one will last as long as the other one did! I am going to find a good home for my old tree with someone who can put lights on its beautiful limbs! I wish I could, because I know that it has many more years to give some family, Church or organization much joy! Anyway... God knew all this was going to happen, so I am just going to roll with it!My children grew up playing with this Nativity! Every year I would add a piece or two. The pieces are made from molded plastic, so you would not have to worry about the children breaking them. Our Nativity is over 20 years old and we have over a 100 different figurines. My children have lined them up and down through the house and we have told the story of The Nativity over and over again! And as far as sharing The Christmas Story with others.... it is such a wonderful opportunity! I have also given the starter Nativities as gifts many times! To me it is probably the best gift anyone can give to a person, besides offering them the plan of salvation. It is something to always to remind them of how much God loves them! This is one of the first decorations that goes out at our house at Christmas and it is probably the most played with at Christmas! Children love it. When they visit, they sit and play with for hours! Consider starting this tradition in your family!
The FontaniniTradition

M C Twinklins sets up beautiful vignettes throughout the store! Dept. 56 Village! So Cute!
I love this Snowman at the top of this tree! I wish I had him!
Baby! Baby! Baby!

Byers Choice Carollers! Everybody needs a few! Consider starting with the Salvation Army Pieces. The Salvation Army Kettle with the lady ringing the bell sits in my guest bathroom. I am amazed at how many people slip pennies into the kettle!!!

M C Twinklins

2178 McDaniels Bridge

Lilburn, Georgia 30047

(770) 972-7237

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RR Mama said...

I am seriously going to have to check out this store. I love to go Christmas decoration shopping. I collect snowflakes and a store here Ellis Pottery, has the most beautiful ones every year. Thanks for getting me in the spirit.

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