Thursday, October 9, 2008

Enchanting Starfish...A tutorial

My Enchanting Starfish!
Vacationing at the beach, I found a wonderful picture of a starfish that was decorated with trinkets! I loved it, vowed to recreate it one day and have one of my own! After doing one, I think many more are to come! I love this little piece and I guess my love for the beach made its creation come so easy! I hope you enjoy it and I hope that from my instructions you can soon own one for your home too!
Step 1. Select various seashells to use as the base of your piece!
One should include a very large starfish stretching approximately 10" across. I also like to include a couple of smaller starfish, olives and sand dollars.
Step 2. In a well ventilated room, take your larger and smaller starfish and spray with 2 coats of white primer paint. After this is thoroughly dry, spray with 2 coats of white gloss spray paint.
Step 3. Now for the FUN~ Let's start collecting our supplies! Either on wax paper, a beading tray, or however you are most comfortable we will start applying glitter and very tiny beads! Using a foam brush, I like to use my matte medium to apply my glitter to the starfish because of the consistency. Step 4. We will also need a wonderful stash of vintage jewelry (of course in much needed repair) doll parts, chandelier parts, large beads, metal words from our art supplies, broken anything that looks good....
Step 5. To apply the large beads and jewelry parts, I will use my glue gun and my special glue~ E6000!Yes, E6000 the glue that will hold anything! I start building my piece with my seashells, then fill in with a few smaller beads. After that I add a few special pieces. I continue adding smaller pieces until it tells me that it is happy and I can stop! To finish off the piece, add a small hanger to the back of your choice!
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask...
Happy Creating!


Becky said...

Now that is just darling.
Aren't you glad you did it? I find myself these days getting more projects done. I think blogging helps inspire us.
Take care

SherryRoseBella said...

That is so darling!! While I am in Florida, this week, I will be shopping for more starfish!!! I have some at the condo that I painted a pale aqua(using wall paint) and they are so pretty. I am eager to add some bling to them now!!lol

Heidi of Everyday Cookies said...

Hi Yvette,
What a fun project! We live on the Oregon coast and I see the starfish all the time...hanging onto the rocks on the ocean shore! But I never peel them off, I feel like I'm killing them! Guess I could watch for these in the store! Your's is so cute!

Thanks for entering my blog drawing, and putting my link on your blog! How fun! I'm making my new list of blog for my FINAL blog home and will add your's when I post the list.

Have a blessed Sunday.

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