Sunday, October 19, 2008

So.. What are you doing for Halloween?

So.... Has this been your big weekend for carving pumpkins or getting ready for your "trick or treaters"? I want you to share your ideas with me.... Leave your comments and blog site so that I can visit you and see what you are up to during this season of the year! This is always a special time for my husband and daughter! As long as I can remember, they have always carved pumpkins together. And now that she is out of state at college (War Eagle!), she still makes that effort to come home and carve her pumpkin with her Daddy! Who would have ever thought that a twenty year old would enjoy that tradition with her daddy so much? Anyways and Anywho.... Happy carving to you and yours and don't forget, leave me your ideas!



RR Mama said...

I will contact the tv station that aired the story to see if there is any thing we can do. I will let you know. Thanks! By the way, I love your daughters pumpkin. More so I love the tradition.

Joy said...

I love your pumpkin, great job!

Betsy said...

Great pumpkin and beautiful daughter. I think daughters love keeping their family traditions.

Bevie said...

Hello AuntE...isn't it neat they way children can leave lasting impressions on us? I loved visiting your site again, and love the photo with you in are so pretty hon! The Charmed House is so very kewl!!!
Love ya, Bevie

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I will turn Blessings into Praise!