Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chicken Soup Room....

Well... I finally broke down and went to the doctor after being sick since Halloween night! I couldn't take it anymore or rather Reid couldn't take the coughing and not sleeping anymore. I thought that since I had my treatment the same week of my illness, that the treatment would prevail and that would be it. But no, I had to make the dreaded trip to the doctor.
and that is from my doctor.
Well... I knew that, I had it for over a week. My problem is that it turned into a nasty infection everywhere and when I say everywhere, I MEAN EVERYWHERE!!! So starts the antibiotics.
She promised me that in a couple of days I would be feeling so much better.
In the mean time, I am so far behind in life~ I am giving a shower on the 22nd (which is so important for ME to give), I want to have my house decorated for my babies to come home for Thanksgiving from College and I want to be relaxed. And oh yeah... I forgot that I want to make a whole bunch of good long cooking chili and chicken stew!!
Recipe for Mama's Chicken Stew
Bring one whole chicken (cut-up) salt and peppered, to a fast boil
Turn down and let simmer for about a hour and a half until done
After done, take out meat and strain juice just to make sure you get out all of the bones
Return to same pot
Take the meat off the bones and return to pot
Add about 1/4 stick to 1/2 stick to pot (to your liking)
Bring all of this to a boil
Add a little more milk to broth to pot (again this is to your liking)
Bring this to a boil
Turn down and let cool down to where it is ready to serve.
We love to serve it with Saltine crackers


RR Mama said...

Sending a ton of chicken soup your way! I hope that you are feeling better soon. Take is easy so you don't get run down. Things will be perfect for Thanksgiving, they always end up turning out great.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

UCK!!!! That is the part of winter that stinks! I do hope you are feeling better soon!

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