Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My favorite artist....

Is it not amazing how God can do things with us in our weakest of times.... It seems as if all I have done over the last two weeks (exactly two weeks) is gripe about how bad I felt and how I could not wait to feel better and start getting things done!
Well.... Slowly but surely I am feeling better and as I was sitting in my favorite chair today watching the fan blades go round and round, I started realizing how much had been accomplished over the last couple of weeks.
The most amazing ~ I have three (now four) favorite artists that I enjoy following their work and they all blessed me these past two weeks!
#1~ Lisa Kaus~ You would have to see Lisa's work to know why I enjoy her art so much. I am always amazed at some of the "things or objects" that she uses in her works, many of which I have in my own studio. I have always dreamed of taking one of her classes, but because of the location of her classes and my health, there has been no possible way I could travel the distance. With all this time on my hands these last weeks, I found a class in Virginia that she would be teaching at Art and Soul on May 4. I barely mentioned it to Reid and he said, "Happy Anniversary Darling". So, that's where we are going for our anniversary.
One day trip, one day rest and one day of class.
I think I can do this!
#2 ~ Lani Kent ~ A year ago on E-bay, I was introduced to the art of Healing Expressions. I have been in love with the art of Lani Kent since. This past week I won my first giveaway and it was from her. I received it in the mail this week!! It was so uplifting!
I encourage you to visit her site.
#3 ~ Dawn Edmonson ~ I found Dawn's work through Somerset magazine and was completely amazed. She is someone that I not only adore her work but I look forward to her daily blogs. She encourages me as an artist, making me better by her kind words. And I strive daily knowing that possibly I have someone that may be looking at my work as I look at hers. She is truly one of the most uplifting women in "blogland".
#4 ~ JoAnnA Pierotti ~ Thanks to Dawn's favorite link list, I found JoAnnA Pierotti. Wow!! What I found, I really like. And her playlist.... I think I listened to it 10 times this week. She has a wonderful testimony which I also appreciated.
I anticipate growing fonder of her work over the next months!!
So see..... these last two weeks have been very productive.
God has been good!
He has shown me so much goodness through some wonderful women,
a good man and
I could just go on and on with the other so many blessings
HE so graciously showed me this afternoon.


The Feathered Nest said...

Sweet Yvette, you are a blessing too dear friend!!! I so love my treasure box and all of the work and thought that you put into it. Each item is so special! ~ I'm so very honored to be on this lists of lift me up and encourage me to create more!! (((hugs to you))) xxoo, Dawn

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I love how even though you don't feel great you are counting your blessings! Great testimony.

The Feathered Nest said...

You ARE a great testimony Yvette! Guess who won my giveaway?? YOU sweetie!!!! It was just meant to be! Please email me your address and which tutorial you'd

Yaaaay!! Happy Friday ~ xxoo, Dawn

kathy said...

Yvette - so glad you are better - my hub had that and two visits to the Dr . very unusual - no fever just cough -Ugh! Congratulations -you have gotten something wonderful -- DAwn is so special ,
You love her automatically - we have met in person - and I love it that I get to see her each day -instead of occasionally at the shop she had -- Kathy - GA

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